What B.S. Detector? (Website Mistake #10)

website mistakes Jun 22, 2020

You’re good at what you do.  You know you can deliver results for your clients.  You may even have a long list of success stories.

But your website visitor doesn’t know you from Adam (at least not yet).  So they’ll be reading everything on your site through skepticism-colored glasses.

And that brings me to Health Coach Website Mistake #10…

Ignoring your site visitor’s B.S. detector

We all have a B.S. detector.  And it has an important job to do.  It keeps us from falling for sleazy, “too good to be true” schemes.

If you’re honest and believe you can truly help people, you need to disable your site visitor’s B.S. detector! 

Start by thinking about all the reasons why your perfect client might think, “it won’t work for me.”  

Then think about all the things they think you’re going to tell them … but they’re wrong because you take a different approach.

Then find a way to address these things up front. Let’s look at an example.

Let’s say you help women lose weight.  And your perfect client is the type of person who’s tried it all.  But you have a special way to help them lose weight that doesn’t take one of the typical, diet and exercise approaches.

You might say something about how you help women lose weight without restricting calories or food groups, intermittent fasting, exercising excessively, or any other type of “fad diet” trick. 

If you say something like that, you’ve disabled her B.S. detector for a moment.  Of course, you’ll then have to give her some proof to back it up.  But you’ll have managed to keep her reading because you’ve told her it’s not what she probably thinks it’s going to be.



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