There’s a right way to start a new client relationship (Website Mistake #13)

website mistakes Jul 03, 2020

If you’ve ever attended a conference, a trade show, or even a kid’s birthday party, you know the power of swag … that free stuff you get just for showing up.  It’s a way for the organizer to say, “Thank you for stopping by.”

A lot of people don’t fully appreciate the power of swag.  And that brings me to Health Coach Website Mistake #13 …

There’s no swag

I see a lot of health & wellness coach websites that don’t offer the site visitor something for stopping by.  That’s a missed opportunity.  Because the right kind of swag lets your site visitor know that you understand what they’re going through and you want to help them.

That’s why the only kind of swag you should offer is a Core Value Piece™.  “Value” is the important word here. Because your site visitor has to decide if they want the swag badly enough that they’ll give you their email address to get it.  

These days, people don’t just hand out their email address willy-nilly.  Why?  Because it’s like handing someone your phone number and inviting them to call.  

That’s why your Core Value Piece has to be something that will help the person with their problem.  It could explain something they may not know, or give them some tips on what to do, or give them part of the specific plan you use to help people who have the same problem.  

Whatever it is, it should be short and easy for them to get through, understand, and take action on.



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