The website doesn't build rapport with the site visitor (Mistake #6)

website mistakes Jun 08, 2020

There are a few things a person will want to know about you before they decide to work with you.  Of course they’ll want to know that you're qualified to help them.  They’ll also want to know that you’ve had some success helping others with the same problem they have. But this next thing is perhaps the most important.  Without it, neither of the other two will matter.

And that brings me to Health Coach Website Mistake #6…

The website doesn’t build rapport with the site visitor

All websites should build rapport with the site visitor.  But this is even more important for a health & wellness coach.  That’s because what you do is so personal.  

So people will want to get to know you a bit, first.  They’ll want to know if you’re genuine … if you truly get where they’re coming from … and if you share the same values.

How do you build rapport with someone who visits your website?  Here are a few good ways:

  1. Be very clear about who you serve.  I know I keep coming back to this … I do because it’s that important.  And it’s a great way to build rapport. It tells your site visitor “I only want to work with someone like you”
  2. Help your site visitor see that you understand what they’re going through
  3. Show your site visitor that you share their values … that what’s important to them is important to you, too
  4. Become a trusted resource … the person they can turn to to get answers.  You can do this by including helpful information and resources on your site

These will help your site visitors see you as a real person, not just a business.  And that gives your business an important human touch.



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