Struggling to write snappy website copy? This is for you... (Website Mistake #8)

website mistakes Jun 15, 2020

I don't know about you, but I rarely watch TV.  I may have the news on in the background while I’m making dinner or doing the dishes, but I don’t sit down and watch TV.

Except for Mad Men.

Yes, I’m into the story line, the acting, and all the ways they portray the many facets of the 60s.  But as a brand marketer and professional copywriter, I just LOVE to see them pitch the ads!

In fact, it was the amazing Kodak carousel pitch that hooked me.  I saw it in one of Seth Godin’s marketing courses that I took earlier this year. (If you haven’t seen the scene, please do google it.  It’s worth the 3 ½ minutes it takes to watch.  Reply back and let me know what you think of it!)

But as much as I enjoy beautifully executed Madison Avenue style copywriting, it’s not direct response copywriting.  And it's direct response copywriting and marketing that will help you build your health coaching business.

That's why Health Coach Website Mistake #8 is …

Clever Copy

If you’ve been working hard to make your website copy snappy, catchy, or cute, you can breathe a sigh of relief.  Because the last thing you want on your website is clever copy. 

The problem with this kind of copy is that it usually isn’t clear to the reader.  And that means they have to take time and energy to figure it out (if they can at all).  

Clever copy can be confusing.  And confusion has nasty side effects that can stop people from choosing to work with you.  

One reason why is that people typically won’t buy something they don’t understand.  That’s true even if it’s the best thing out there to solve their problem.

Another problem with confusing copy is it can make the reader feel you're not trustworthy.  After all, if your website isn't clear, how comfortable will they be trusting you with their health? 

I realize that may not make logical sense.  But this type of reaction isn't triggered by the logical, neocortex part of the brain.  It's triggered by the reptilian brain.  So your reader isn't even consciously aware of it.

But that's not all.  If website copy is confusing, it can make some readers feel bad about themselves.  They may think, “Why don’t I get this?  What’s wrong with me?”

Here's the bottom line.  Clever copy focuses the reader’s attention on the copy itself, instead of the message.  And you want people to understand and resonate with what you say… not how you say it.  

So your job is to make sure your website copy is clear and easy to understand ... and leave the clever copy to the folks on Madison Ave.



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