Do you have a website or an online brochure? (Mistake #1)

website May 18, 2020

A lot of the health & wellness coach websites I review make the same mistakes. I want to make sure you know what they are so you can avoid making them on your site!  

So over the next few weeks, I'll be sharing these common mistakes with you.  There are 15 in all.  Let's start with mistake #1...

The “online brochure” approach

Many of the websites I see are designed like an online brochure.  They’re just a place for people to find out more about the coach.  But this approach won’t help you build your business.

Instead, you need what I call a "wellness business optimized website."  In other words, a website that’s designed to attract and engage your future clients.

This includes having the right messaging, a good user experience, and a way to build a relationship with your site visitors ... aka, your future clients.

The rest of the "mistakes" series will get more specific on what to do.  You can also download a copy of The Health & Wellness Coach Website Essentials Checklist here.  It will show you the 13 crucial elements your website needs to attract and engage more clients.



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