I've reached a dead-end (Website Mistake #12)

website mistakes Jun 29, 2020

As a copywriter, I spend a lot of time studying human nature. I have to because I need to know how people tend to behave and react to things they read. And I have to keep these tendencies in mind when I write website copy or sales copy for supplements and natural skincare products.  

And here’s something interesting I learned.

People mostly behave and react to things subconsciously.  And that brings me to Health Coach Website Mistake #12 …

The website dead-end 

What’s a website dead-end? It’s a page that doesn’t invite the site visitor to do something next. 

A dead-end creates a negative feeling because it sends the signal that you might leave them hanging. And it’s completely subconscious.  

That’s why every page on your site should include a call to action (aka a CTA).  It can be to download something, check out your latest article, or book a call. 

Here’s why this is so important.

Even the simplest CTA is an invitation to keep engaging with you.  Without one, your site visitor is left to figure it out on their own.  Yes, you and I both know they’re perfectly capable of figuring it out.  

But a dead-end creates a bad vibe with your site visitor. 

Now I’m not saying a person won’t work with you because you didn’t include a CTA on one of your pages.  But a message will be parked in their subconscious.  And the only kind of message you want parked there is a positive one.



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