How to Activate Your Websites Marketing Power To Get More Clients... health coach website essentials Part 2

website Feb 19, 2020


In the first part of this 4-part “website optimization mini-series,” we looked at what you need to do to attract your future clients.  It comes down to the 4 questions your website home page must answer. (Here’s a link to it, in case you missed it.) If you do a really good job answering the 4 questions … and if the problem you solve is the kind that needs immediate attention … your future client may be ready to take the next step with you (schedule an appointment, book a call, or whatever).  

But it's not usually that easy.

In most cases, people aren’t ready to say “yes” right away.  This usually comes down to one (or more) of these reasons:

  1. They feel overwhelmed by all the options they have to choose from.  (There’s nothing that stunts motivation faster than overwhelm)
  2. They may be looking into other options and just aren’t ready to choose yet
  3. They may not be convinced that you can do what you say you can
  4. The problem may not be so urgent, so they keep pushing it off
  5. They simply want to get to know you better

If your website doesn’t have the right things in place, you leave the next step up to your website visitor.  

Not good.  Don’t do that.  

Turn on Your Website’s Marketing Power Instead

If you’ve ever attended a conference, trade show, or kid’s birthday party, you know the power of swag … that free stuff you get just for showing up.  It’s a way for the organizer to say, “I appreciate you stopping by.”

You want to do the same with your website.  But keep in mind, there’s a big difference between good swag and landfill.  

That’s where your CORE Value Piece™ comes into play.  And “value” is the operative word here. Because your site visitor has to decide if they want the swag badly enough that they’ll give you their email address to get it.  And just like (most) people wouldn’t go up to a stranger in a bar and hand them their phone number, most people don’t just hand over their email address either. 

That’s why your CORE Value Piece has to be something specific that will help the person with their problem.  It could explain something they may not know, or give them some tips on what to do, or give them part of the specific plan you use to help people with this problem.  

Whatever it is, it should be short and easy for them to get through, understand, and take action on.

So your CORE Value Piece is how you start your relationship off on the right foot.  Then the next thing you have to do is nurture your new relationship.  

How to Nurture a New Relationship 

You want to get your new friend used to hearing from you.  And you want them to look forward to it, too. You do that by creating what I call a “courtship series.”  This is a series of 6-8 emails your new friend will start getting after they’ve received your CORE Value Piece.

The purpose of the courtship series is to help them get to know you.  Because at the end of the day, coaching is a personal relationship (even if it’s not done in person).

So what should your emails include?

Something valuable and useful!  If they see you’re helpful and not just clogging up their inbox, they’ll start to look forward to getting your emails.

So make the content really juicy. I don’t mean long or packed with a whole bunch of information.  What I mean is your emails need to help people with their problem. (Starting to see a theme here?)  Ideally, it will help move them forward by including something they can do. 

It’s also a great place to talk about case studies that show how you’ve helped people with the same problem.

One important note about what you include in these emails.  You don’t want to give them so much information that they can go off and take care of the problem without you.  So what I like to tell people is to give information that talks about “what” and “why,” and just a little bit of the “how.”  

This is good for building your business … and it’s also important for the people you want to serve.  Too many people try to do it on their own and end up not getting results. Then they get frustrated and stay stuck. You’re a coach because you know people get better results when they work with a coach.  So you want your courtship series to set them up for success.

Become Their Trusted Resource

Now here’s the last important piece.  You want to establish yourself as a person who specializes in helping your perfect client.  You do this by showing them you’re the subject expert.

So you want to stay in contact with them after the courtship series ends.  I know people who write to their list every single day. But you don’t have to do that.  Once a week is fine.  

If you like to write, write a weekly article.  If you prefer video, create an informative video every week.  I actually alternate between the two. I do an article one week (like this one you’re reading now), and I do a website review on video on alternate weeks.

The point is, keep giving people value.  And you should also keep your blog updated with your weekly email content.  That’s another way for site visitors to see the value you provide.  

If you do what I’ve outlined here, your website will be set up to attract your future clients and give you a reliable system to engage them.

Okay, in part 3, we’re going to talk about some of the more advanced ways to build rapport with your future clients.  That should be coming your way in a couple of weeks.

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