Do you REALLY know what you're doing? Or are you just winging it... (Website Mistake #7)

website mistakes Jun 12, 2020

My father is half French.  He’s in his 90s now, and still in great shape!  So for the past few years, we’ve gone to France for a couple of weeks in the summer to visit the family. 

Before we go, we pull out the maps and plan our trip.  Then when we get to France, Pop goes to great lengths to speak to people about how we should get from where we are now to our next stop … just to make sure we’ll reach our destination in the best way.  But he doesn’t stop there …

When we’re in the car, he has Waze on his phone, and he wants me to have Google maps on mine.  He also has a paper map open so he can follow along. 

All of these things make him feel more confident that we’re going to get to where we want to be.  He can also track the milestones along the way.  He likes that.

So what the heck does this have to do with your website?  That brings me to Health Coach Website Mistake #7…

There’s no plan!

Just imagine me telling my Pop that we’re going to France without a plan … that we’ll just figure it out when we’re there.  We'll wing it!

That wouldn’t go over so well.  And it doesn’t work out well for your prospective clients, either.

Most health & wellness coaches have a set of steps they take their clients through to get them results.  But very few of them say anything about it on their website. 

But when you show your site visitor you have a plan, or some kind of roadmap, it helps build their confidence in you. They’ll see you’re not just making this up as you go along.  Even better, you can give them milestones that they’ll pass along the way.

There are 3 types of plans you can have.  The simplest kind outlines what a person needs to do to start working with you.  Maybe it starts with a consultation, then an assessment, and then you’ll give them a customized eating or exercise plan.  

Another type of plan is a Signature System.  There are 2 types:

The first type is a roadmap.  This goes into more detail about the actual steps involved in working with you.

And then there’s the ultimate Signature System - the “magic wand.”  If there’s something you do that’s unique and sets you apart, you can feature this as part of your Signature System.     

At the end of the day, this is about helping your future clients see that you’ve got this covered … that you know how to help them and that you have a plan in place to do it.  

And that makes it much easier for them to say “yes!” to working with you.



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