Website Review #5: Daly Dose of Health


You won’t want to miss today’s CORE Critique if you want to see a great example of how to answer all 4 of the key questions your homepage must answer!

You may have seen my post from a few days ago where I talked about those 4 questions.  They are: 

  • What problem do you solve?
  • Who do you solve it for?
  • How do you solve it?
  • How will your perfect client benefit from working with you?

Well Tijana Daly’s website,, gets a perfect score for answering all 4 of them in the most eye-catching part of her site!  Well done Tijana!

Now when a person chooses to work with a health coach, it often comes down to the connection they feel with the coach.  So it’s important to build a rapport with your site visitors as quickly as possible. And I have a few suggestions for Tijana to help her do just that!

In fact, a lot of the sites I see could benefit from these tips.  Take a look to see if yours is one of them.


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