Website Review #4: Dafna Chazin

website Jan 01, 2020

There's 1 important rule of thumb when it comes to your website - make sure you put your best foot forward on your homepage!  

You can't assume people will go deeper into your site. And quite frankly, most won't unless your homepage does its job well.  
This rule of thumb is the theme for today's CORE Critique, where I take a look at Dafna Chazin's website,  
Dafna is a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist, and her site is beautiful!  And when I looked past her homepage, I found 3 hidden treasures ... practically a goldmine of attention-grabbing content!  If Dafna moves these to her homepage, her site will work harder for her to attract and engage more future clients. 
Watch the video to see what I discovered.

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