Website Review #3:


Today we’re taking a look at Monica Lopera Nassar’s website

In this review, I take a closer look at the 4 questions every health coach’s website must answer.  In fact, I tackle that right at the beginning.

Here are the highlights ...

[01:35]  The 4 questions that every health coach’s website must answer on the homepage …

[02:40]  … and the 3 that should be answered in the most important real estate on your site

[04:10]  How to get inside your Perfect Client Avatar’s head to see if you need to get even more specific about who you serve

[06:22]  Why it’s very difficult to sell prevention … and the one market that may be the exception 

[08:52]  The key to faster success in the early days of launching a health coaching business

[10:34]  The two ways to introduce yourself on your website homepage

[12:20]  The “micro-commitment technique” that helps keep people engaged on your website

I hope you find some things in this CORE Critique that you can use to improve your own website.

If you’d like to have your website featured on an upcoming Website Wednesday, DM to let me know!


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