5 Crucial Things You Need to Know Before Hiring a Direct Response Copywriter

Ready to give your health supplement sales a boost?  Then it may be time for a copywriter to refresh … or completely overhaul … your sales copy.


There are plenty of copywriters out there.  Unfortunately, finding a good copywriter isn’t so easy.  Especially one that knows the ins and outs of writing high-converting (and compliant) health and supplement copy.


But imagine if there was a way to spot a good copywriter before you hired them?  


Luckily, you can.  You just need to know what to look for. That’s why I created this free report:  


The 5 Crucial Things You Need to Know Before You Hire a Direct Response Copywriter:

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This report shows you how to find and work with a copywriter so you get the best possible results. 


Inside you’ll discover:

  • The 2 telltale signs of a good copywriter (one has nothing to do with their writing)
  • 3 simple tests that reveal if the copywriter understands the science behind good copy ... and knows how to use it
  • The 6 most important things you must see in a writer’s sample copy. (If even one of these is missing, move on)
  • How to get a junior copywriter to write A-list copy
  • Plus much more!
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Hi, I'm Nicole. 

I write copy that helps health & wellness businesses sell more of their products and services. My approach combines skillful copywriting and brand development strategies.

Wait … is that a typo?

Nope.  I used the “B” word.

While some people say, “direct response and branding don’t mix” ...  I see them as two great strategies that work better together. 

Before I became a copywriter, I was a global brand strategist and loyalty marketer. 

For 29 years, I worked with lots of the "big boys” … companies like MTV, Nickelodeon, Pokémon, and The Sharper Image.  I helped turn those brands into multi-million-dollar businesses around the world.  



As you can imagine, there are a lot of different parts to building a strong brand.  But there are two essentials.  And they're two of the essentials for writing high-converting copy, too.  

Without these, you’re dead in the water.  What are they?

  1. Positioning.  You must have something that makes you different (and better) than your competition
  2. Messaging.  You musst speak in a way that resonates powerfully with your core audience

Done right, these two things give you a unique marketing advantage … exactly what you need when you’re selling anything in the health & wellness space. 

At this point, you may be wondering …

Why did Nicole leave a jet-setting career working with high profile brands to sell pills?


Well as much as I enjoyed my career, I wasn’t really interested in what I was selling.  What did interest me was learning ways to avoid the grips of Big Pharma and to live a long, healthy and active life.  Plus, I always loved to write.  


So once I discovered direct response copywriting, I knew it was time to hang up my brand marketing career.  I dove into the deep end of the copywriting world and I’ve never looked back.  


Like all aspiring copywriters, I read books, took courses, and went to conferences. And it was at my first “bootcamp” conference that something quite remarkable happened.


One evening at the bar, I started chatting with a man.  It was my first bootcamp, and I was quite the newbie.  I had no idea who the industry “heavy hitters” were.


Well it turns out the man I was talking to was one of those heavy-hitters.  (And I thought the people standing around us were just waiting to get a drink.)


A few months later, Heavy-Hitter Copywriter Man called me up and invited me to join his new group of copy cubs (apprentices).  Of course I said yes!  


Since then, I’ve learned things about copywriting you can’t find in books, online, or in courses.  And I’ve written for a bunch of great natural health companies:

These days, my writing schedule is pretty full.  But if you’re interested in possibly working together, please do connect with me.  Here are a few ways I work with people:

Hire a Chief

I have two chiefing options:

  1. Project Consultant - I can work with and guide a junior copywriter through the entire process.  This includes things like helping them come up with a good “big idea,” making sure their copy has a logical flow, and helping them create enticing, “gotta buy” copy

  2. Copy Review - Whether it’s your own copy, or another writer’s copy, it’s always good to get another set of eyes on it.  I’ll do a thorough review and mark-up of the copy.  I’ll give direction and ideas to make it stronger.  And while I won’t rewrite the entire copy, I may rewrite portions of it as I go along.

Copywriting and Lead-Gen Funnels

Here’s a list of they types of projects I do for clients:

  • Emails (traffic drivers, nurture sequences, etc.)
  • Landing pages
  • Advertorials
  • Long form sales letters
  • Lead-gen webinars
  • Websites (for health coaches)

My schedule for copy projects fills up in advance.  Please contact me to discuss availability.


Contact Me

Kind Words from Past Clients and Partners

Kevin Rogers, Founder of Copy Chief

"Nicole Piper has solidly taken her place among the ranks of direct response marketing and copywriting elite.  She studies and partners on projects with Parris Lampropoulos, she coaches business owners on how to clarify their messaging and quickly boost conversions, and she has leveraged her 29 years experience in global branding for major companies to create the new standard for small business branding that is polished and authentic. I recommend Nicole's consulting every chance I get."

Yuri Elkaim

CEO, Healthpreneur

"Having Nicole as one of our copy coaches has been a game changer. She works in the trenches every day with our clients, helping them clarify their message, position their offer for greater success, and making their webinars more impactful. She's been a gift to our team and to our clients."

Mariah Fujimagari

Cofounder and Sports Nutritionist, Young Elite Athletes

"Our first call yesterday with Nicole was simply fantastic. She provided excellent insight into our launch to be executed for highest success with proper marketing format for our ideal client."

Zsuzsana Clark

Medical Herbalist

“Nicole, your input and awesome copywriting skills helped me tremendously!  I was working with you so many hours and it is more than overdue for me to say a huge thanks to you NICOLE!!! You are brilliant!”